Meet The Horses



Apple is a 2004 bay American Saddlebred mare. Her favorite pastime is eating, followed closely by acting more intimidating than she actually is. Apple has a bit of a storied past, overcoming multiple injuries to return to the show ring in 2013 with her owner, Allie. She has been featured in Saddle & Bridle Magazine and had her own blog on the S&B website for a number of years. Between her past owners and trainers to the many vets who treated her, everyone knows Apple; with her huge personality (some good, some not quite so good…) she is difficult to forget! She is truly one-of-a-kind and we are happy to have her here at AEC.



Beauty is a 31-year-old black American Saddlebred gelding with a successful show career behind him. He competed in many divisions in his prime, from three-gaited and park to show pleasure, equitation and lead line, and he is now enjoying his retired life to the fullest. Though he is the oldest resident at AEC, he acts like a much younger horse, and still won’t flat walk a step!



Major is a 8 year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He is learning how to navigate the trails with his buddy Rio. Someday soon, he will learn how to jump.



Mark is a chestnut American Saddlebred gelding owned by AEC. His job is to teach the lesson students how to ride. Though he loves his work, Mark really enjoys his days off when he gets to be turned out in the pasture.



Pebbles is a 18 year-old Paint mare. She traveled to AEC from Chicago. She is very friendly and greets everyone who comes to the barn. Pebbles loves to be groomed and makes sure she gets just dirty enough for a grooming after her turn-out time!



Rio is a 14 year-old Paint gelding. He is best friends with Major. Rio loves long trail rides and is happy to go out in any type of weather. He is a seasoned traveler and has lived in many different states.



Thor is a mixed breed pony that probably has a lot of Shetland in him. He teaches both riding and driving lessons. Though he enjoys his life as a lesson pony, he also has a side job, participating in “pony parties.” Thor loves apple flavored horse treats, and is learning a number of new skills, like how to bow and give hugs.


The newest addition to AEC, Winnie is a 25-year-old American Saddlebred who was adopted from a local horse rescue. A past World’s Champion Five-Gaited Pony, Winnie has more heart and gameness at 25 than most horses have in their prime. She is not ready to retire and be a pasture ornament, so she is being prepared to join the lesson program — because Winnie wouldn’t have it any other way!