“AEC has provided the perfect home for Pebbles and a welcoming environment to be a part of. She is so much happier and healthier here than she ever has been in the past and I know that whether or not I’m there, she is loved and taken care of, and in good hands.” — Katie W., boarder


“Katy and John provide more than the requirements of food and shelter for the horses in their care, they do whatever they can to make sure the horses are comfortable and happy, whether that means wiping noses, grinding medication, monitoring a horse during turnout, or just┬áspending time with a horse who seems to need it. Because of this attention to detail, AEC is a place where the horses’ individual personalities are allowed to shine through, and I couldn’t think of a better place for mine to call home.” — Allie L., boarder


I like coming to ride Mark, because it is fun. I get to learn new things I didn’t know before.” –MacKenzie S. , lesson student


My family bought a Groupon on a whim so that my animal crazy daughter could try horseback riding. Katy the owner is so good with kids (she is a teacher) that now that the groupon is over, my daughter is asking for ‘the rest of the lessons,’ her own horse, and a house in the country. Thanks Katy for introducing us to ‘Mark’ the lesson horse. Definitely recommend Anderson Equestrian Ctr.” — Amanda K., parent


“At the old age of 57, I decided I wanted to learn to ride. Katy is very knowledgeable and patient. Mark, the instruction horse, is a gentle love. I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Highly recommend Anderson Equestrian Center.” –Sue B., lesson student


“Anderson Equestrian Center is a beautiful barn with wonderful horses. Katy, the owner and instructor, is wonderful. I had a lesson today on Mark, a Saddlebred, that was a great experience. I had been on a horse once or twice, and Katy is great with beginners as well as advanced students. An experienced rider was also there for a lesson, and Katy’s detailed eye was instrumental for adjusting the experienced rider, in preparation for competition. Definitely a great center where they truly care for the animals as well as the riders. I can’t wait to go back and see all of the new things they are planning!” –Julie U., lesson student